we can fit your animation pipeline




Rig creation, motion editing, animation looping, animation blend trees (eg. Unreal, Unity), complex scenes creation (cutscenes), props, vehicles, cameras.



No matter what animation pipeline you’re using we can seamlessly put our data into it. To achieve that we’re using existing animation software, custom scripting and custom build applications.



From motion capture markers, through data cleaning, retargeting to final animations in game or in animated movie. 



We share your production and technical knowledge with you to get the best out of motion capture session, which is important part of your project.


PRE-PRODUCTION of Motion Capture sessions

At we consider that, most significant factor is to cooperate with our customers during the pre-production, in order to understand their needs, situation and limits. We are more than just purveyors of equipment and actors, we are dedicated into work and being reliable associates. Knowledge of this technique allows us to deliver professional help, dishing out clues in project performing, selection of due staff and 3D model-making support.


Project developing

We offer help in project developing. We also point out at things worth looking after during motion capture (actors, scenography, props, sound etc.)


Staff selection:

We cooperate with vast range of professionals trained in various fields such as: actors/actress, stuntman, dancers, sportsmen, martial arts warriors and puppeteers.

Selection in roles responsible for motion capture and 3D character framework operation:
The secret of achieving such a good capture effect is selection of due people and skillful character framework preparation.

In order to create 3D character, we are able to organize session casting which will allow gaining:
- actor 3D framework (VSK)
- his static (including side, back and front photo shoots)
- his range of motion – in order to facilitate computer character modelling work
- his contact – (referring to range of motion also) to specify his morphology
- test of obtained animation and 3D character in state of idle, wandering or improvising
- video recording of casting

Scenography and props:
Firearms, side arms, stairs, driveways, door... we will prepare everything necessary. It's also possible for us to co-work with your graphic designers, in order to apply props and scenography. While capturing at the movie set with big amount of props, we can prepare real-time preview. 

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