where we work?


Body capture, face capture are carried out in our 160 sqm studio. We added virtual camera recently: if we are provided with models we can set a scene to view how characters are behaving in real time preview. Also studio is equipped with dressing room, workshop and coffe. Any custom set and props can be build upon request.

MOCAP.PL motion capture and virtual production studio offers directors, game developers and advertising creatives comprehensive services and capabilities that can’t be found anywhere else in Poland under one roof. Our complete range of services are a resource not only for Polish market, but also for any production in Europe seeking motion capture, high-end facial capture and animation, full virtual production or anything in between.

MOCAP.PL is a company founded in 2013. We are located in Warsaw (Poland). We are specialized in mocap data processing including tracking, solving and editing.
We have a long-standing industry experience as a team as well as strong individual skills. if you need keyframe animation, motion capture or just consulting, feel free to contact us and see how we can fit your pipeline on time and budget.

We can offer free samples and tests on your characters. Please contact us for more information.


Full support in motion capture sessions for computer games and films:

  • developing list of animations and action shoots
  • casting (actors, stuntmen, acrobats, dancers)
  • footage capture using optical system - Vicon
  • price starting at 1000 EUR net amount per session (8 hours)

‚Äč made all of motion capture data for BAFTA 2015 winner innovative game - Vanishing of Ethan Carter made by The Astronauts




  • retargeting
  • form framework of character
  • final game animation processing
  • cutscene editing
  • physical simulation (building collapse, car destroying)
  • manual animation 3D CHARACTERS:
  • modelling
  • texturing/layering
  • shading
  • rigging
  • skinning
  • game engine placing


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